“Robinho humiliated rape victim and misled investigations”


“Robinho humiliated the victim of the rape and diverted the investigation. ‘The reasons for the sentence handed down against the former footballer by the Milan judges last December were disclosed.” The evidential framework unequivocally demonstrates the state of total unconsciousness of the injured person before sexual intercourse, suffered by the same without being able to oppose. The absolute lack of consent (…) was evident and clear to the defendants who took advantage of it to satisfy their sexual instincts “, is one of the passages of the reasons with which the judges of the first section of the Milan Court of Appeal confirmed last December the conviction of Robson de Souza Santos, aka Robinho, former AC Milan striker, to 9 years in prison for group sexual violence against a girl, 22 years old at the time, which took place on January 22, 2013 in a nightclub in Milan.

Penalty confirmed, again at 9, also for his friend Ricardo Falco. “There is no positive element other than censorship, in itself not sufficient, to grant the defendants generic extenuating circumstances. In fact, the procedural behavior of the same, who immediately sought to divert investigations by offering investigators a false and previously agreed version of the facts, reaffirmed in the interrogations acquired in the records “, writes the court.

“It is also completely irrelevant that De Souza provided the names of the other subjects, who at that time had already been widely identified”, is highlighted in the 25 pages of motivations. “The fact is extremely serious – for its modalities, for the number of subjects involved and for the particular contempt shown towards the victim who was brutally humiliated and used for his own personal pleasure – which makes the sentence imposed, even if higher than the legal minimum, completely fair and proportionate “, add the judges.

“To this it should be added that, in the face of the flourishing economic conditions of the defendant praised by the defense and which would have constituted the ultimate objective of the complaint, he did not intend to make even an offer for compensation which, even in the defensive perspective of a lack of perception of the dissent could have found space “, conclude the judges who sentenced the defendants to pay legal fees and those of the victim.

The violence, according to the investigations, was consumed by the former Rossoneri footballer, with five other people, four of whom are still untraceable. According to the prosecution, the group would have made the young woman drink to the point of making her unconscious and then they would have raped her in turn in a wardrobe of a nightclub.

That evening the girl, who already knew the footballer, met with the group and two friends at the Sio Café to celebrate her 23 years. But, as the indictment reads, after her two friends had left and the former AC Milan striker had accompanied his wife home, the group would have offered her “a drink to the point of making her unconscious and unable to oppose “abuse. According to the reconstruction of the accusation and on the basis of the intercepted conversations, there is no doubt that the group acted by taking advantage of “conditions of psychic and physical inferiority”.


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