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More and more Poste Italiane services are oriented towards multichanneling, i.e. the combination of physical and digital channels, to allow the customer to independently use financial and telecommunication services (subscription of postal savings bonds, bank account opening, Moneygram, profiling, digital payment through PostePay Code, PostePay Connect, dedicated App etc.) through the digitalization of processes. Poste Italiane, reads a note, continues its commitment to the innovation and modernization process of the country in the pandemic scenario in which it is necessary to operate remotely.

Through an integrated system between post office, web and App, the customer at any time has the possibility to access information and / or dispositive functions also on products and services that can be purchased online, receive customized commercial proposals based on their profile, update data contact, make an appointment with your dedicated consultant, manage your savings online, pay with PostePay code and receive discounts.

Pursuing the customer management strategy through multi-channel in a full “phygital” perspective, explains the company, “it is possible to identify a series of services that can be enabled by the customer thanks to registration at, mobile phone security, management of the your profile, enabling products in the App, using the signature tool “. For more information:

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