Rolls Royce cars gifted to Saudi Arabian players who defeated Argentina


Saudi Arabia in the Asian continent pulled off a shocker against two-time champions Argentina in a World Cup football match that no one expected.

The score was 2-1. The victory sent waves of joy in Saudi Arabia. The king declared a public holiday the next day.

In this situation, Saudi Arabia’s Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud has announced that each of the Saudi Arabian football players who won a historic victory over Argentina will be given a Rolls Royce car as a gift.

Rolls Royce car prices in India range from Rs 8.99 crore to Rs 10.48 crore. This is not the first time such expensive prizes have been awarded to players. A similar car was awarded in 1994 when they beat Belgium.

If Saudi Arabia wins today’s 2nd match against Poland as well, the players will be drenched in more prize money. That country also appreciates footballers a lot.


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