Russia bombs Liman killing at least three people

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2023-08-23 03:52:39

At least three people have died and another two have been injured this Tuesday in several Russian bombardments on the city of Limanas reported by the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office.

The victims are two women and a man between the ages of 63 and 88. One resident has suffered various injuries to the chest, shoulder and hip. Subsequently, in a second bombardment, a 26-year-old man was seriously injured, for which he was taken to hospital with a skull fracture and brain contusion.

The Public Ministry has indicated that it has launched an investigation into the attack in which, according to preliminary data, the Russian Army attacked residential areas with artillery. “Prosecutors take all possible and appropriate measures to document war crimes committed by representatives of the armed forces of the Russian Federation,” reads a statement from the Prosecutor’s Office shared by its Telegram channel.

At least four people dead after a Russian attack on a school in Ukraine

At least four people have died and another four have been injured after a Russian drone collided with a school in the Ukrainian region of Sumy, as reported by the Minister of the Interior, Igor Klimenko, who has specified that the fatalities are two teachers and center workers. Klimenko has increased the number of fatalities to four and has specified that it is the director, the deputy director, the librarian and a secretary of this school located in the city of Romny. “Our enemy is insidious. Destroying peaceful cities and terrorizing the civilian population is a barbaric tradition of the Russian occupiers”has emphasized the Minister of the Interior in his Telegram account.

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