Salvini said he was “negatively surprised” by Draghi’s words

by time news – “I was negatively surprised. But I don’t want to comment on his words”: this is what the Northern League leader says, Matteo Salvini, regarding the words of the premier Mario Draghi on appeals not to get vaccinated. In an interview with Corriere della Sera, Salvini explained that he had not heard Draghi after that statement: “No, I had heard him before the Council of Ministers and we had talked amiably on many issues. If he had any observations to move, he could tell me. over the phone and not through a press conference “.

On Green pass Salvini reiterated his position: “I am opposed, I am happy that the so-called French model has not passed, which would have been much more restrictive. We have tried to limit the damage that would have resulted in the case of extensive application (in bars, on trains, in places of work). We would have taken away civil rights from 30 million people. We’ll see in 15 days “.

As for the street protests against the Green pass, Salvini observed: “Those who manifest are not No vax. I know many people who are vaccinated who oppose restrictions and who invoke freedom of choice. Wednesday in Rome there will be many making their voices heard, not I see what harm they do. I certainly won’t be the one to ghettoize them. And just as surely I don’t want to live in a new Soviet Union. ” While on the vaccination carried out yesterday he explains: “The vaccination was booked in time, you can’t decide overnight …”.

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