Searches for kidnapped family, suspect arrested after trying to kill himself

A family of four was kidnapped last Monday, at gunpoint, from a business in South Merced, California, in the United States. This is according to a security video from a camera installed in the business.

The family members, a married couple, their eight-month-old daughter and the father’s brother, were kidnapped to an unknown location. The local police, in large forces, are looking for them.

A suspect in the kidnapping of the family was arrested yesterday (Tuesday) after he tried to use one of the credit cards of one of the abductees, in a city close to the location of the kidnapping. The suspect managed to commit suicide before his arrest, and seriously injured himself. He is seeking medical treatment at the hospital and the police hope that he will wake up soon and provide details about the family’s location.

From the Twitter page @123_INFO_USA

Illustration. Image by Abel Delgado from Pixabay

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