“Shame on you”: Yehuda Nahari is furious at Rotem Sela’s interview

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Saturday night, aired on the weekend news with Dana Weiss Special interview with the presenter and presenter Rotem Sela. Between conversations about work and the storm surrounding Tornado, she lined up for the first time to address the big affair of her screen colleague and best friend Assi Azar. Last month, actor Yehuda Nahari claimed that he helped, sexually harassed him about a decade ago and while there were differing opinions and disagreements on the subject, Sela’s voice was not heard.

Last night, she spoke for the first time and said she believed in help that did not do what was attributed to him and came out in his defense. This morning, Nahari posted a post on social media after watching an interview and expressing his anger at the presenter.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart in my name and in the name of the other friends who have to deal daily with the emotional, mental and guilt scar, a hard feeling that all those” good souls “want to inflict on the victim and not the perpetrator! Sela, be ashamed of yourself because I (and not only I) was ashamed of you. God forbid I would not wish a man or woman to have a sexual assault and then a media assault and an attempt to trample the victim’s honor to silence his / her mouth, I will just try to give you (Ms. Rotem Rock – mother and wife) food for thought, if God forbid this was your sister, your daughter or you, would you still say these words? It seems to me that the answer is as clear as daylight at noon – you would not give it a hand! “I expect you, being a woman, a mother, and being a wise person, who has the rights to human dignity and the freedom to light a candle at your feet, to condemn these acts even if it is your connected and well-publicized friend.”

Yehuda Nahari (Photo: Or Geffen)

During Sela’s interview she said “hearing such a thing is very surprising. When it was published I immediately went up to talk to him and we had a very honest and intimate conversation in which Asi unequivocally told me unequivocally that he did not do it. And I believe him. “Credit as a very reliable person and I chose to believe him.”

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When asked why she has not responded to date she said: I am not run by the fact that we are a brand but by the fact that we are friends and in our friendships I felt I should be with Asi and for him at the moment and what he works for and less interested me out there. Run to the media and say what I have to say. I’m not afraid, I’m not a soldier of the media and I will be interviewed whenever I want and whenever he feels comfortable and when he mostly feels like sitting down to be interviewed. It’s okay to have a discussion on the subject, it’s okay that way it should be. There are two people here and in the end they know what was. No one knows. Since we do not know this should be clarified with the police, and that is how it was and decided not to open a case on this issue. From here on out everyone can choose who to believe. We as high profile celebrities need to take into account that this is part of the matter, you fly close to the fire you sometimes get a burn. He needed a lot of support, it’s not easy. I saw a friend in bad shape. “

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