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The great director Shankar’s son-in-law has now announced that he has taken a drastic decision as the POCSO Act has flown against him due to a sexual allegation made by a 16-year-old girl.

Aishwarya, daughter of Tamil cinema’s great director Shankar, and Rohit got married in 2001. It is also noteworthy that Shankar’s son-in-law Rohit is the captain of the Puducherry cricket team and the son of the owner of the Madurai Banda cricket team.

In this situation, it has been reported that a cricketer had sexually harassed a 16-year-old girl while giving her cricket training, and after a complaint was filed, a case was registered against 5 people, including Shankar’s son-in-law Rohit, under the POCSO Act. As the case is currently going on in the court, Rohit has announced a drastic decision on his Instagram page.

In that post, he said: I have taken this decision after thinking very deeply. It was cricket that gave me identity and recognition. It was also a great introduction for me. I am bound to be honest and true to cricket which is the main part of my life.

I have lost my peace of mind and my self esteem due to the events of the past few months. I am trying to prepare myself for recovery while living in a state of extreme depression.

At this point I have decided to retire from cricket temporarily. Thank you to cricket that made me, to everyone who believed in me, and to those who supported me even in times of scandal’, he wrote.

Shankar’s son has suddenly announced his retirement from cricket.


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