Shiva, Kali and Panchuruli are behind Ardhnari look.. The story behind Allu Arjun’s look

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Allu Arjun is a stylish star loved by Malayalees despite being the hero of Telugu films. It’s been years since Allu Arjun became Mallu Arjun. Allu Arjun celebrated his 41st birthday on April 8. A Glipse video and first look poster of the much awaited ‘Pushpa 2’ was released on the star’s birthday. Discussions about the first look poster are still going on on social media.

Allu Arjun appeared in the first look similar to Ardhnari look. Posters of Pushparaj, wearing a pattusari, gold necklace, bangle, ring, mukkuthi, earrings, lemon necklace and flower garland around her neck and a gun in her right hand leaning on her shoulder, became a trend. Ever since the poster came out, the talk about the role has been active. The audience was wondering what this costume represents and what this look is for.

While some say that this is the fierce form of Goddess Kali, some say that this is a look created by director Sukumar as a tribute to Panchuruli from ‘Kanthara’. But the story behind Ardhnari’s role has been revealed by the crew of the film itself. The figure is based on a line from the song “Dakko Dako Mekka..” which refers to the goddess Gangamma Dhali who is worshiped during the Jatara held in Tirupati every year in May. The crew say that this is director Sukumar’s idea.

‘Pushpa: The Rise’ is one of the most exciting sequels in Telugu cinema. The Glimpse video of the movie released on April 7 has garnered billions of viewers worldwide. The video is trending in 16 countries including India, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Australia. Perhaps for the first time in Indian cinema, a Glimpse video is getting such huge popularity. The video has so far been viewed by more than 57 million viewers. Glimpses of the movie show the news that Pushpa, who escaped from Tirupati Jail with gunshot wounds, is missing and the riots going on in the country.

Sukumar made the first part Pushpa: The Rise on a budget of 150 crores, but the second part Pushpa The Rule is made on a budget of 350 crores. Therefore, we can expect excellence in quality. The first part released in 2021 collected up to 373 crores globally. Expectations are that the second part will break box office records.

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