Siftah for 2023: Harbor Group will acquire 40% of the Israeli Kerville

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First international investment for 2023 – the American Harbor Group fund will purchase 40% of the shares of the Israeli Carville company in exchange for an investment of NIS 28 million | Kerville has established and is initiating 11 real estate projects nationwide, the vast majority of them from real estate, with a construction volume exceeding 150 thousand square meters and a financial volume of approximately NIS 1.5 billion

Marlog Bensher of Kerville Company | Imaging: Totem imaging and animation

The Carville company, owned by the architect Eric Lederman, reports that the real estate investment fund Harbor Group International has purchased 40% of the company’s shares, in exchange for an investment of 28 million shekels based on a company value of 71 million shekels. This is the first investment of the Harbor Group in a logistics company in Israel. The cooperation Between Kerville and Harbor Group began about a year ago when the fund invested in two logistics projects under the management of Kerville at the Massamya and Kiryat Ata intersections.

The investment bankers in the deal are Moore Langerman.

The Harbor Group Fund is an American-Israeli international fund that manages assets to the extent of approximately 20 billion dollars and operates in collaboration with leading institutional entities such as Clal Insurance, Menorah Motvechim, the Amit Pension Fund and more. Harbor Group’s investment portfolio consists of approximately 60,000 units, approximately 500,000 square meters of offices and commerce, and approximately $3 billion in loan portfolios.

According to Eric Lederman, the controlling owner of Kervil: “The logistics market in Israel has been in consistent growth in recent years. Kervil recognized the trend and is one of the significant players in the field. The Harbor Fund’s investment is a natural continuation of the fruitful cooperation forged between the companies, and is for us a significant step that will enable the deepening of involvement and our investment in the foreign market in Israel”.

Architect Eric Lederman, owner of Carville Company | Photo: Maya Luzon

The Carville company, managed by Yonatan Fellman, has been active in the real estate field for about 20 years and engages in the initiation and management of projects in the field of logistics and light industry alongside collaborations with leading real estate companies and financial institutions. Among other things, Kerville is currently promoting a logistics project with the Rothstein company in Nesher and another logistics project with Manerev Real Estate from the Manerev Group in Move Carmel. In addition, the company is promoting 2 logistics projects with the Harbor Group. Kerville has established and manages the construction of 11 real estate projects, of which 9 are centers. nationwide logistics from Idan Negev in the south to Kiryat Ata in the north, for a total of about 150 thousand square meters and an initiative and management scope of about NIS 1.5 billion.

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According to G. Tzvibel, CEO of Harbor Group Israel, “As one of the leading real estate companies in the United States, we believe that the human composition is one of the most important elements. From our experience with Carville, the company, led by Eric and Jonathan, has a professional, dedicated team and reliable. We are sure that the cooperation between us will make Kerville a significant and leading player in the logistics market in Israel.”

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