Stalemate with the EU over the new Alitalia. The Mise: a new strategy is needed

by time news – The Alitalia game gets complicated. The negotiation with Brussels to save the company has stalled: progress has not been made and now it is stalled. To get out of the impasse, a new strategy is needed. This is the message that came from the Ministry of Economic Development at the end of a meeting with the minister Giancarlo Giorgetti with the three extraordinary commissioners, Giuseppe Leogrande, Daniele Santosuosso and Gabriele Fava, in the afternoon.

New strategy to be agreed upon

“The situation of Alitalia was assessed in light of the stalled negotiations with the Europe commission for the take-off of Newco Ita. It is therefore considered necessary a new action strategy to be agreed with Mef and Mims to allow the business continuity of the company “, reads a note from the Mise. This is a warning to all the players in the field that we must change the register: evidently the moves implemented up to now have not worked, the alternative is the failure. What is missing is a discontinuity which is the point that Europe is asking for: we must act quickly also out of respect for the workers.

The siege of the workers

Shortly before, Minister Giorgetti had stated that he was “besieged outside the ministry by Alitalia workers who dispute the fact that what is granted to Lufthansa and Air France is not granted to Alitalia”, he said. On the subject of state aid “a first reflection is that of regulation that was built for the entire market, of the discipline of state aid that was built for a world that no longer exists that perhaps will return but at this moment we must question ourselves at the EU level and also at the Italian level “, he added, underlining that” perhaps in other countries it is granted what is not granted in Italy “.

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