Sudan: Hamdok warns that the humanitarian situation in his country is “catastrophic” and calls for an immediate end to the “war”

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2023-04-16 23:43:54


The last civilian leader of Sudan, Abdullah Hamdok, has warned this Sunday that the humanitarian situation in the country is “catastrophic”, a crisis that is only aggravated by the “war” that the Army and the Support Forces have been leading since Saturday Rápido (RSF) in a bloody dispute for power.

“This is a war in which the winner loses. This damn war is destroying everything. I ask the international community and regional organizations to help Sudan,” Hamdok said at a press conference picked up by Sky News Arabia.

Hamdok recalled that the situation was already difficult before the latest conflict broke out and that the situation “has been exacerbated by this war.” “The humanitarian situation is catastrophic. The Sudanese people have no other option than to choose peace ”, he stressed.

For this reason, he has defended the need for a dialogue that favors an agreement without the interference of any foreign country. “We demand an immediate ceasefire (…). The war must end today better than tomorrow so that the Sudanese people can resume the path of transition that began three years ago”, he pointed out.

Dozens of people have been killed in heavy fighting that broke out on Saturday between the army and the RSF in Khartoum and other parts of Sudan. Only on Saturday, 56 civilians were killed and 600 wounded, not counting the casualties of the parties to the conflict.

The Army accuses the RSF of starting hostilities with an attack in the south of Khartoum to try to seize strategic points such as the presidential palace. Instead, the RSF accuses the Army of starting the violence with an attack on one of its bases in the south of the capital.

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