Sunfrost Frozen Vegetable Soups: Convenient, Nutritious, and Easy to Prepare

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2023-12-09 05:58:48
Sunfrost, the leading company in frozen vegetables, is providing a convenient and nutritious option for winter meals with their extensive range of soups. The company offers 23 different series of soups, including vegetable, bean, pea, orange, and lentil soup.

What sets Sunfrost’s soups apart is the use of fresh vegetables that are frozen within hours of being picked, preserving their nutritional value. This ensures that the soups are not only convenient but also packed with essential nutrients.

One of the key advantages of Sunfrost’s soups is the ease of preparation. Each soup contains all the necessary ingredients, including vegetables or legumes and a concentrated, flavorful soup stock. This helps to significantly reduce the preparation time in the kitchen.

To prepare the soups, all that’s required is to empty the contents of the bag into a pot, add water according to the instructions, and then cook for 10-20 minutes from the moment of boiling. This simple process makes it an ideal option for busy individuals or families looking for a quick and nutritious meal.

In terms of pricing, each 500-gram bag of Sunfrost’s soup ranges from NIS 18-21, according to Zap. The soups are available at various sales points and marketing chains, making it easily accessible to consumers.

With the winter season in full swing, Sunfrost’s range of soups offers a convenient and healthy option for those looking for a comforting and nutritious meal. Whether it’s vegetable, bean, pea, orange, or lentil soup, Sunfrost has a variety of options to cater to different tastes and preferences.
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