Swabs to the Bengalis, the spokesman: “We ask for quarantine facilities”

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At the drive-in of the Santa Caterina della Rosa health house, the first swabs for citizens returning from Dhaka – Giuliano Benvegnù /Courier TV

The system used is what is known as a drive in. You arrive by car without getting out, with a prescription from the attending physician and a health worker performs the swab from the window down. The epidemiological investigation began this morning in Rome

citizens of Bangladesh. Few, however, those who showed up. “The information has yet to circulate within the community – explains Ciaralli, director of district 5 – still struggling to leave but in the coming days we will make contact with the representatives of the community in order to plan a path and share the objectives, avoiding it a stigma to be a citizen of Bangladesh ”. At the entrance of the facility, the spokesperson of the Bengali community, Batchu, also arrives: «The problem is that the children who have come from their country of origin have nowhere to sleep if their friends do not host them. We propose – he adds – that as soon as you arrive in Fiumicino you will be asked if you have a house of your own, otherwise we ask for structures where to stay for the fortnight of the quarantine ». However, the community asked to stop the custom of hosting compatriots. “It happened first to the Chinese, now it’s up to us – says Batchu laughing – we are all in the same boat, we join the minds to get out of this story”.


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