systems can only be accessed by qualified accountants

systems can only be accessed by qualified accountants

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A partnership between the Secretariat of Finance (Sefaz) and the Regional Accounting Council of Rio de Janeiro (CRCRJ) encouraged 700 accounting professionals to regularize themselves.

The partnership consists of integrating the entities’ systems, preventing laypeople and accounting professionals in an irregular situation from accessing Sefaz systems, such as Fisco Fácil.

The Sefaz-RJ platform aims to provide state taxpayers with access to electronic services, such as self-regulation of pending items identified by the state tax authorities (Malha Fiscal), issuing negative certificates for state debts and requesting the cancellation of state registration.

The partnership aims to improve the business environment in the State of Rio, through increased supervision of accounting professionals and taxpayers.

“The class is the main interlocutor between the business sector and the public administration, being strategic for increasing collection and combating fraud and tax evasion”, says the president of the CRCRJ, Samir Nehme.

For the president, inspection is the way to improve the business environment.


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