“Roger and Novak made me a better player”

eup-PteO-Inlulel uulenpelelleu. lO lulelulev pollekl el epel pelue uelptlepeueu Nlete nup ple Nell ueek pel Gelllele. PnQelpeO peeulvullel el ple Bleae ueek peO ehlnett pepleu Poletel pep Bteueleu. Bleae: Fell Zepet, ueek tepl teutOuuellael Ueltelenuapoenpe hekleu Ple unu pel peu Pnplletleu Goeu ent ple aluQe Ieuulppekue enleeh. Vle tektl plek pep eu? Beteet Zepet: lek […]

The shooter should finally disappear

Palma – Playa de Palma is probably the most German place outside of Germany. Millions of tourists who celebrate there every year and really enjoy it, swear by the cult status of the notorious Ballermann. But the 500 meter long stretch of beach has long been a thorn in the side of the politicians in […]

Mallorca: increasing number of corona cases because of Omikron – foreign policy

In Spain, 79.8 percent of the population is fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. Even so, the incidence is skyrocketing across the country – including Mallorca. On Tuesday, the Ministry of Health in Madrid reported a seven-day incidence of 424 (previous day: 377). 49,823 new infections were added within 24 hours. The previous daily record was […]

Luxury tourism is booming in Mallorca

Palma – Even Jack Ma is said to have been there. The Alibaba founder’s super yacht “Zen”, estimated at 170 million euros, was anchored off the southwest coast of Mallorca for days in October. Ma, one of the richest men in China, had long disappeared from the scene after his falling out with his country’s […]

Jan Ullrich: “I was on Marco Pantani’s path. Almost dead”

Sport Jan Ullrich “I was on Marco Pantani’s path. Almost dead” Stand: 2:52 p.m.| Reading time: 3 minutes Jan Ullrich (left) with Lance Armstrong at their meeting on Mallorca Quelle: Instagram/lancearmstrong Jan Ullrich has had difficult years. Binge drinking, drugs, false friends – things were not going well with the German cycling legend. He seems […]

Next drama on “Love Island” – Angelina has to confess a secret – TV

Will this “grenade” soon blow up a dream couple? On “Love Island” straggler Angelina (21) turns the boys’ heads a lot. So far, three of them have flashed from the brunette. But as it now turns out, she has long since found her dream man in the flirting paradise. Unfortunately it’s already taken. Is a […]

Mallorca: Corona rules relaxed – parties finally allowed again – News

Now you can celebrate again! Due to falling corona numbers, the corona restrictions on Mallorca will be further relaxed. From Tuesday, among other things, the nocturnal ban on gatherings will no longer apply. Then people from different households will be allowed to come together again for nightly parties, the regional government of the Mediterranean island, […]