Which consumes more electricity, the fan or the air conditioning?

BarcelonaWith summer, it’s time to turn on the fan. Or air conditioning. The debate over which of the two types of device is best for soothing the heat will surely never end, but we can know which is best for our pocket. The first question to consider is whether the air conditioner has built-in technology […]

The Ministry of Health refuses to pay the “Excellence Allowance” to its employees due to the failure to take the third booster dose… and an “unexpected” surprise in the list of names

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Ministry of Health has confirmed that the disbursement of the Excellence Allowance for the year 2019 will be made only for those who have completed the third refresher dose as a prerequisite for disbursement. This came while 250 employees of the Taif health staff were waiting to be paid their distinction allowance, […]

British scientists develop a “revolutionary” treatment that eliminates cancer

Al-Marsad newspaper: British scientists are working to develop a new cancer treatment, which works according to a system based on the disposal of cellular waste in the body. And participates in the process of developing the treatment 15 researchers from the Center for Protein Analysis of the Institute of Cancer Research in London. Eliminates harmful […]

From sweethearts to scientists, who are the Beijing Express competitors

From Thursday 10 March, on Sky and streaming on NOW, the journey of “Peking Express”, the first season by Sky, will start with Costantino della Gherardesca at the helm. During the first stage of this adventure along the «Route of the Sultans», the 10 competing couples will travel for 226 km in Cappadocia, from Mustafapasa […]

Who sells, who buys, who suffers: Europe and the sanctions against Russia

The second episode of the miniseries economy and war. An ever-present question is the one concerning the asymmetrical effect of sanctions on Western economies Ferruccio de Bortoli / CorriereTv As we have seen the sanctions of the Union European to the Russia after the annexation of Crimea, they had little impact. We hope they will […]

China reported massive hacker attacks on Russia from its territory

Since February of this year, China has been subjected to continuous cyber attacks, during which unknown persons took control of computers in the country in order to carry out attacks from them on objects in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, Reuters reports citing the Chinese Xinhua news agency. “Monitoring has shown that China is constantly under […]

Lukashenka suggested holding Russian-Ukrainian talks in Minsk

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko proposed holding Russian-Ukrainian talks in Minsk, BelTA reported. “We are Slavs, three Slavic peoples. Let’s sit down and decide our fate for the future, forever,” Lukashenka said. According to him, Russian President Vladimir Putin is really not going to occupy Ukraine. “Why, who needs this headache,” Lukashenka stressed. He called […]

Hungary ready to hold talks between Russia and Ukraine, Kyiv asks Israel to mediate

Representative of the Hungarian government Zoltan Kovacs said that his country is ready to become a platform for negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. He wrote in Twitterthat the parties are considering the offer. Meanwhile, Ukraine has offered Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to become a mediator in the negotiations. “There are no details yet, except […]