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Tesla-Boss Elon Musk (50) stands after one Harassment Allegation under heavy pressure – now he’s starting to fight back!

on Twitter the multi-billionaire wrote late Friday night: “Tesla is building a hardcore legal department where we directly initiate and execute cases. This team will report directly to me.”

Musk immediately asked for applications from lawyers. They should present their “extraordinary abilities” in three to five bullet points. Even the email address for the letters is meaningful: justice@tesla.com – justice means justice in German.

The Tesla boss is obviously angry because, from his point of view, false allegations are being made against him.

Musk made it clear who he wants for his legal team: “We are looking for hardcore street fighters, not noble lawyers (…) who live off corruption. Blood will flow.”


To this end, he published two principles to which he feels committed. First, “We will never seek victory in a legitimate proceeding against ourselves, even if we could win.”

Second, “We will never abandon any wrongful proceeding against us, even if we may lose.”

The allegations against Musk

The US news portal „Business Insider“ (like BILD belongs to Axel Springer) published an explosive article on Friday. In it, a woman accuses the Tesla boss of sexually harassing an alleged friend of hers.

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The incident happened in 2016 in a company jet from Musk’s space company SpaceX, the anonymous woman described. The alleged girlfriend worked for the group as a flight attendant and in this context acquired a license as a masseuse in order to be able to give the tech billionaire massages on flights.


Photo: imago/Belgian

” data-zoom-src=”https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/der-gulfstream-jet-von-elon-musk-archivfoto-cfb8f323660c405ab7cf546a7dfd5a06-80164396/Bild/9.bild.jpg”/>

Elon Musk’s Gulfstream jet (Archivfoto)Photo: imago/Belgian

On one of the trips, Musk molested the SpaxeX flight attendant in a private cabin. He is said to have bared his erect penis in front of the woman and touched her leg without being asked. Then he offered to buy her a horse in return for an erotic massage.

This is also evident from surveys and documents available to the editors, according to “Business Insider”.

After the stewardess refused, she got less work. In November 2018, SpaceX paid the woman $250,000 so she would not sue Musk. In an agreement, she also signed non-disclosure clauses.

Musk defended himself on Twitter on Friday morning. “For the record, these wild allegations are completely false,” he wrote.

Then the Tesla boss asked the acquaintances of those allegedly affected: “Just describe something, something – like a scar or a tattoo – that is not known to the public.” That will not happen because the possible victim Musk will never be naked have seen.

who is right Not clear! Nevertheless, the entrepreneur is preparing for further allegations in the coming months – and is trying to arm himself with his new team of lawyers.

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