Texas Department of Family and Protective Services Locate Family of Abandoned Girl at Baylor ER

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Family located for girl abandoned at Dallas hospital

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services has announced that they have located the family of the young girl who was abandoned at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas on Monday.

The girl, believed to be six years old, is currently in protective custody, but the agency is working to explore options for placing her with family members.

In an interview with Univision News 23, the girl’s aunt and mother revealed that the girl’s mother was the one who dropped her off at the hospital. The aunt stated, “When I spoke to her mother she told me she just turned her in. She said ‘Don’t interfere with my business’.” The conversation took place on the young girl’s birthday.

According to the family, the girl’s mother is a drug user and suffers from mental illness. She had rejected offers of help from the family, fearing they would call the police. The family also mentioned that the girl’s father is not an option to care for her as he was deported to Mexico four years ago.

When the girl was found on Monday, she was only able to provide her first name, which led to the department asking the public for help in identifying her. The first court hearing in her case is scheduled for December 14th, according to the agency.

The agency has not released any further information about the family and their plans for the girl’s placement.

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