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EFinally international break! Like a battered boxer hoping to regain strength in the corner of the ring, Eintracht Frankfurt hopes to find the calm and strength again in the eleven days without a game so as not to lose everything they have this season in the final rounds already believed to have won. After the 0: 2 at Union Berlin and the victories of Wolfsburg and Leverkusen, the lead over the pursuers for the last Europa League starting place is only two or three points.

The prospects for improvement are not very good, although the performance in the first half against Union was an improvement on the past few weeks. But the situation, which is already difficult due to the questionable overall sporting development with the last four defeats and two draws, is made even worse by statements by Oliver Glasner. After the game against Union, the Eintracht coach criticized his defensive players very clearly and his sports director Markus Krösche for their work in an interview with broadcaster DAZN.

In a conversation with DAZN reporters before kick-off, Glasner had praised the cooperation with Krösche in the highest tones. 80, 90 percent of their opinions are congruent, in the other cases they discussed at a super level in the sense of unity. He contradicted the claim of some media that their relationship was strained: “If it didn’t fit between us, Markus would not have made me an offer to extend my contract. If I extend, then Markus is a reason for it.”

“We end up screwing it up in the back”

Under the impression of the bitter 0:2, Glasner denied the quality necessary for the Bundesliga after the final whistle of his defense. He didn’t mention the sporting director, but who is responsible for putting together the squad? This question involuntarily came to the listener’s mind in response to Glasner’s answers. On various occasions earlier in the season, the coach had expressed his dissatisfaction with certain personal details to his manager. During the winter break, Glasner had wished for another central defender in the squad, but a transfer did not succeed.

The coach’s words to his pros were extremely harsh and contradict the Bundesliga code of conduct for a coach’s dealings with his players: Glasner’s final sentence was: “In the end we screw it up at the back.” had nothing to do with football” and that the defensive behavior of his players in this scene was “underground”.

Before that, Glasner had lamented the missed chances and added: “Then you just have to play 0-0. But we can’t do it.” When the reporter replicated whether it was a question of the quality of his defense, the coach replied: “I didn’t see any goal scoring chances played by Union.” And how do you train to defend against high balls? Glasner: “I don’t know how to train quality.”

It only works together: Paxten Aaronson (left), Philipp Max and Lucas Alario help Randal Kolo Muani up.

It only works together: Paxten Aaronson (left), Philipp Max and Lucas Alario help Randal Kolo Muani up.

Image: Northphoto

The reporters interpreted this as a call for new defenders for the next season. Glasner’s answer: “We have to be honest, it doesn’t always help to palaver and palaver: the fact is that we always lose in the same way.” will work during the international break. “Everyone’s gone on offense (in the national teams), everyone’s on the defensive (in the club). We’ll work, work, work.” What will the atmosphere be like then?

Tottenham Hotspur have made inquiries

Eintracht’s situation has not become any easier as a result of Glasner’s statements on Sunday, nor has his position. The unexpectedly clear positive in his words before kick-off and the unexpectedly negative after the final whistle so bite that question marks appear behind the intention of the choice of words. In addition, there is the uncertain future of the coach, who spoke of offers he had received before the game against VfL Wolfsburg.

According to information from the FAZ, Tottenham Hotspur has at least asked about Glasner. A Bundesliga club should also be interested in the Austrian. At the moment there is not much to suggest that the ailing Eintracht will find the necessary peace in their ring corner to regain strength. And it has not become more likely that Glasner will extend his contract with Eintracht beyond 2024 in the past few days. Rather his farewell in the summer.

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