The 9th T20 World Cup: Former Indian player Akash Chopra warns about India’s death bowling concern

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2023-12-06 17:24:29
The Countdown Begins!
T20 World Cup 2023: Can India tackle death bowling issues to win the championship?

New Delhi,

The coming year brings with it an electrifying T20 World Cup series between West Indies and USA, with a total of 20 teams set to participate in the highly anticipated event. As the excitement builds, former Indian player Akash Chopra has offered a warning to Team India, emphasizing the crucial need for strong performance in the death overs.

Chopra emphasized the necessity for India to bowl well in the death overs, especially with the current team lacking strong options outside of Bumrah. Expressing concern over the performance of younger bowlers such as Prashit Krishna, Avesh Khan, and Arshdeep Singh in the crucial stage of the match, he highlighted the potential impact on India’s chances in the upcoming T20 World Cup.

“Apart from Bumrah, we don’t have the best bowlers who can bowl in the death overs. That may pose a problem for our team in the T20 World Cup as to who will bowl in the death overs. In some matches, reverse swing can affect the victory. But Arshdeep Singh is not the one who can do that. He bowled well in the last over against Australia. But last one year he has not been amazing in the last overs in most of the matches. Avesh Khan will not be amazing in death overs. Mukesh Kumar will do better like Shami and Siraj. So death bowling is a concern for the Indian team. So India has to correct this deficiency to win the T20 World Cup,” said Chopra in a recent interview.

With the T20 World Cup looming on the horizon, Chopra’s warning serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges that lie ahead for India. As the team gears up for the battle on the world stage, it remains to be seen how they will address the crucial issue of death bowling and whether they can overcome this deficiency to secure victory in the championship.
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