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2023-12-05 14:54:56

The exhibition can be visited until Saturday, December 9 AQUIFERS. To José Guirao of Garikoitz Caves in the Sala Parés in Barcelona, ​​the first gallery based in Spain and founded in 1877.

The Sanluqueño artist closely linked to the décollage technique, presents in AQUIFERS. To José Guirao a wide catalog of works, which includes everything from ceramics to seized books.

S/T Mixed technique 10 x 30 x 25 cm

Hi friend

I already heard your audio, I’m in Sants, I’m running and pushing the train.

In these long months I have continued painting and pretending that it doesn’t hurt but Pepe wouldn’t have liked me to stop, I’m convinced.

I’ll tell you where I’m going and tell me what you think of the new collection of paintings in tribute to our beloved Pepe, I titled it “Aquifers.”

Of the serene sea and the raging sea

in search of constant balance

sweet and salty

S/T Mixed technique

The essence of the definition sneaks through the twists and turns of José Guirao’s clean, unalterable memory, innumerable underground rivers and lakes flowing truth, truth and life for free.

The subtlety in the shadow of latent reality

visible essence now of dreams

splashes maybe

I believe, friend, that this painting strengthens a language that moves towards the universal, austere formality in contrast with a greater conceptual, emotional, and intuitive projection from the roots from which the aquifers are nourished.

It’s new work every day


Painting of deep interiors flowing without haste

almost underwater conversation at the expense of the tides and perhaps dizziness

S/T Mixed on canvas 56 x 65 x 5 cm

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Intertwined lakes

absolute arteries

It will arrive in a while, the rest is forever.

Sanlúcar de Barrameda, July 11

Garikoitz Caves

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