The arrest of the ultra-Orthodox mayor: served as a ‘seduction girl’ in Edri’s murder

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The case of the murder and disappearance of the late Nissim Sheetrit and Avraham Edri: An ultra-Orthodox mayor was arrested on Sunday morning for questioning on suspicion that he was involved in the murder case of the late Avi Edri in ’90. The mayor is suspected of murder and conspiracy to commit a crime.

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The mayor will be brought in for a hearing today to extend his detention, and police are expected to request an extension of his detention by eight days.

In a conversation broadcast on “Here News”, the mayor was heard saying about two years ago to journalist Shani Haziza, who edited the film “The Hidden Rabbi” – which led to the reopening of the investigation, because he does not know the late Avraham Edri who was murdered in 1990.

He denied any connection to the incident and refused an offer to meet with her.

Ariela Sternbach, the ultra-Orthodox affairs correspondent for News 13, said in the main edition: “This is the head of a large city, an ultra-Orthodox city, which is known to have been identified in its youth with the Shuvu Banim community.

“A first-degree relative is married to the daughter of Eliezer Berland himself. We can see the pictures, Berland dancing with the same mayor on Lag B’Omer in Meron.

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“His involvement in the murder case is very interesting, the suspicion is that the same mayor served as a girl … a seduction, a girl, not a boy, in Edri’s murder.

“Already in 2017, when a plea deal was signed with Berland over the affair, a former follower sends a letter to the Israel Police and the headquarters of the struggle, where he writes the entire chain of Edri murders as he heard from a first-person detainee in that affair.”

“There he mentions the name of that mayor and describes him as having a boyish appearance, was a minor boy at the time, and describes how he wore a wig to entice Edri to lead him to those suspects who ambushed him and committed the murder.

“The claim that he himself was not an accomplice in the murder and did not know where all this was leading.”

Attorney Ariel Atari, the defense attorney for the detained mayor, responded: “The mayor has nothing to do with the serious affair, and has no idea how his name is inserted into the shocking story. “His connection to the incident is similar to his connection to the murder of Arlozorov.”

Another person was arrested today and is also being questioned on suspicion of involvement in the cases.

The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court today extended by eight days the detention of Rabbi Eliezer Berland.

Earlier this month, the arrest of the leader of the Shuvu Banim community was extended, on suspicion of involvement in the murder and disappearance of Nissim Sheetrit in 1986 and of Avi Edri 31 years ago.

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The judge said in his decision that Rabbi Berland “linked himself to the suspicions and provided a detailed version.”

A police spokesman said at the hearing: “Evidence has been gathered against Berland for his involvement and responsibility for his involvement in the murder of Avi Edri and the disappearance of Nissim Sheetrit.”

About two weeks ago, at an earlier hearing on the extension of Rabbi Berland’s detention, police said he was the forwarder and gave the instructions to the kidnappers and murderers, but was not present at the time of the acts.

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