The best cops ever

L’India takes a step forward in the rights of trans people: Chhattisgarh became the first state to welcome a group of transgender people in its training course for police. The high police officer Durgesh awasthi, quoted by the Guardian, says they will prove “the best cops“never enlisted.”They are sensitive, have a high emotional quotient and know not only how the other half lives, but what it is like to be on the other side of the law“. In a country torn by deep internal contradictions, dominated by a patriarchal system and with a very high number of femicides, trans people are trying to win a role in civil society: six years ago the first trans mayor was elected and three years ago the first transgender “Miss”.

The firm of the 13 trans recruits

As the Guardian reports, the breakthrough arises from Officer Awasthi’s joint work with Vidya Rajput, 43, a point of reference for the trans community of Raipur. Fascinated by the police force, but too advanced in years to enlist herself, she prompted many boys to try the competition. The training period was not easy due to the difficult background of these people: violence in the family, scarce economic resources, continuous discrimination and abuse. “Their lives have been nothing but negativity, isolation and loneliness“Rajput commented. Yet, 13 of them made it: they passed the physical tests and now they will begin the actual training.

The contradictions and progress of India on the LGBTQ + community

India is a country of internal contradictions: despite the prejudices and hostilities against the LGBTQ + community, many things have changed in recent years. The turning point came with a historic ruling by the Indian Supreme Court which in 2014 recognized trans people, or “hijra”, as a “third gender” with the same constitutional rights and the same freedoms as all other citizens. The city of Raigarh elected India’s first trans mayor, Madhu Bai Kinnar, in 2015. Another trans woman, Veena Sendre, was chosen as Miss Chhattisgarh 2018. Some hospitals have inaugurated visiting hours for trans patients, so that they can feel safe. Now the police have also opened their doors to trans people: a way to build a more inclusive society from within, after so many episodes of abuse also by the police.


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