The businesses in Girona see the first days of the sales campaign as “positive”.

The businesses in Girona see the first days of the sales campaign as “positive”.

The discount campaign kicked off last Saturday, January 7. After the first days of discounts in Girona shops, the assessment, in general terms, is positive.

From Girona Center Eix Comercial they explain that the first day of sales, coinciding with Saturday, was a good campaign day. For his part, the manager of Espai Gironès, Pau Jordà, describes the first weekend with discounts at the shopping center as “between good and very good”. In addition, he states that “during the week the rate of visitors has been maintained, despite being lower than at the weekend, it has been around 15% above that of a normal week”.

Jordà says that the figures, at the moment, are better than last year in the first days of the campaign. The manager of Espai Gironès explains that “we hope to exceed the sales and visitor data of 2019, although it is still too early to say if we will achieve it”.

Constant promotions

However, the businesses associated with Girona Center Eix Comercial note that the sales campaign as it was traditionally known has disappeared, as the offer and promotions are more constant throughout the year. In fact, some shops in Girona already offered discounts before Reis.

The stores emphasize that during these days the behavior of customers is very varied: “from that person who expects to make the purchases much cheaper these days, to the one who slows down because of the extraordinary Christmas spending”, they report from Girona Center Eix Comercial.

In addition, during this first week of sales some customers return gifts. “This fact always generates some purchase from those who take advantage of the reduced prices”, they say from the association, who hope to be able to close a “good campaign”, although they say that they are still “waiting”. In this sense, Pau Jordà emphasizes that during the campaign “the percentage of purchases is better than usual”.

From the shopping center they expect to see the evolution of the next few days to be able to draw clearer conclusions, however, Jordà explains that “what marks what is happening is during the week and, for the moment, the feelings are good”.


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