The CGT wants a “blocking” of LNG terminals and gas storage

The CGT is calling for an increase in wages and the revaluation of pensions for employees in the electricity and gas industries.

The CGT announced on Monday a “blocking of LNG terminals and underground gas storagethis week, as France tries to establish maximum reserves in the face of the shortage of Russian gas. These blocks will prevent external companies from accessing the sites, therefore “the work will be interrupted and this will weigh heavily on the capacities of the LNG terminals and underground storage facilities to emit gas on the network during next winter“Warns the FNME-CGT in a press release.

«In the absence of a response to the height, it could be really difficult to fill 100% of the underground gas storage and to make the LNG terminals 100% operational!“, she continues. The CGT is calling for an increase in wages and the revaluation of pensions for employees of the electricity and gas industries (IEG). It also carries a broader program of renationalization of the sector.

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced Thursday that France intends to fill its gas reserves to almost 100% by the fall. Operators are currently required to fill these reserves to only 85% by November 1. Gas storage is currently 59% full, compared to 46% on the same date last year.

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Targeted cuts in case of cold “intense or late»

The network operator GRTgaz had previously called for filling “the most possible» national storage. According to him, France could face a total stoppage of Russian gas deliveries in the event of a winter “normal“. In case of coldintense or late», it would however be necessary to resort to targeted cuts among certain large consumers.


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