The Festivalot returns to full capacity with music and activities for families

The Festivalot has also returned to full swing once the coronavirus pandemic can begin to take over. If two years ago the show had to be canceled and in the last edition only restricted concerts could be held inside the Auditorium, this 2022 can be said to have returned to normal. Music for all ages and tastes filled the Devesa from early morning until evening, and not only with songs, but with all kinds of fun activities, such as giving the little ones the opportunity to play for first time a drums, a bass or a keyboard.

The Festivalot returns to full capacity with music and activities for families MARC MARTÍ

The children, as well as the older ones, opened the day by filling the main hall of the Auditorium to the brim. The two concerts of the Pot Petit, one of the usual groups of the festival, a classic that never fails, met expectations. Without deviating too much from the usual script, the group once again enhanced its musical variety and lyrics that stick to the first, combining it with the multitude of characters that have a place in a show that lasts a little longer. of an hour. The Shameless Lion, the Monkey, the Ant and the Dragon Rac, some of the proper names that never fail in the appointment, were joined by the Rooster Ot, one of the last to arrive. It was not the only novelty. The usual songs shared the time with some of the group’s latest creations, such as The Pop Star or The Three Pirates. The audience, delivered from the first second, had the best time singing tune after tune and being seduced by Pau and Jana, the two main voices and the true soul of the group.

The Festivalot returns to full capacity with music and activities for families MARC MARTÍ

The Pot Petit was the first big attraction of the day but there were many more. In the Auditorium the paid concerts continued with two sessions of The Tyets, and in the afternoon, with two passes by Buhos, which filled the great hall. The people of Barcelona offered an hour of concert and none of their most chanted anthems failed. I missed you, A thousand battles, Volcanoes, Connected, Barcelona lights up (with the audience full of mobile phones accompanying the song), La última y nos vamos or L’Estiu és llibertat sounded one after the other , relentlessly, alone or in medley format, fast-paced. In a couple of songs they were accompanied by the children’s Geriona choir.

The Festivalot returns to full capacity with music and activities for families MARC MARTÍ.

Outside, in La Devesa, the various stages with free performances were also filled. In the morning it was Lali BeGood’s turn and at noon, with a heat of justice, one of the headliners, Ginestà, appeared. Somni, one of his best-known titles, opened the recital, which lasted until lunchtime. Shortly afterwards, Els Atrapasomnis and Miquel del Roig took over the main stage, as did David It’s me and Dj Trapella. The Friends of the Arts, Joan Enric Barceló, Dani Alegret and Ferran Piqué, did not miss a detail and acted as presenters, organizers and collaborators.

The Festivalot continues today in La Devesa with Manel and Dàmaris Gelabert as paid concerts inside the Auditorium, and free performances outside such as the Black Music Big Band Junior, Oxigen and Marcel i Júlia. More than 15,000 people are expected to attend the show this weekend.

first day of the festivalot. Music and entertainment filled the Girona Auditorium and the Devesa Park throughout the day, entertaining children and adults alike. 1 One of the activities held in the Devesa Park. F

2 Ginestà’s concert outside the Auditorium. F

3 El Pot Petit at one point in its performance at the Girona Auditorium, where they presented the show “I want to sing and I want to dance!” F

4 The group Búhos starred in one of the most lively concerts of the festival in the Auditorium. F


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