the first step to the rework of Liga de Clubs, store eliminated!

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2023-09-29 16:35:22

As expected, Brawl Stars will make almost immediate changes for the Brawl Talk of Octoberactivating one of the great news to its roadmap. The rework arrives in the club leagueand Supercell’s first step is to remove club store full.

Brawl Stars wanted to warn of this in time, warning again that the Staying in a full and active club will still have advantages. Which is it? We will discover them. But for the moment it is time to prepare for the most immediate change, which is the goodbye to club coins.

How to spend my store coins in the Brawl Stars Club League

So that If you were in doubt about buying a club skin, you better think fast. Well, in the next update the store will disappear, and they still haven’t explained how they could return. Although maybe they do it in the form of blines.

Well then. This removal of the club store not only affects the skins, it also affects the coins and strength points. How should I spend my resources? Well, that will depend solely on you and what you need most.

If you don’t touch anything, all your club coins will be transformed into coins and strength points at 50% each. Of course at the equivalent change: 1 club coin = 2.5 coins or 1.67 force points. So if we want a different distribution, we will have to do it manually before updating Brawl Stars after October’s Brawl Talk.

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