The first tweet in history sold for nearly $ 3 million

by time news – Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet for 2.9 million dollars. This is the authenticated version of the post in which the Twitter founder launched his social network, sold on blockchain as Non-Fungible Token (Nft), a contract that guarantees authenticity of possession of a digital asset to those who produce a good, or buys it.

The tweet, published on March 21, 2006, was bought by a Malaysian entrepreneur, Sina Estavi.

The sale was made possible thanks to a token (in fact a contract) that allows the certification of ownership of any asset or virtual object, whether it is an image, a photo, an animation, a video or a piece of music.

The purchase is associated with an authenticity contract, written on the blockchain, and in fact guarantees the uniqueness of the copy and ownership of a virtual good.


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