«The idols of women», the official trailer of the new comedy by Lillo & Greg

«The idols of women», the official trailer of the new comedy by Lillo & Greg

In their second test as directors after “DNA – Definitely Not Suitable”, the comic duo joins forces with Eros Puglielli and creates a surreal comedy with many comic situations / CorriereTv

Filippo (Francesco Arca) is the most handsome and desired gigolo around. He doesn’t stand out for his intelligence and wit, on the contrary, but he’s incredibly sexy. It is a pity, however, that due to an accident Filippo has to undergo a plastic surgery that distorts his characteristics making him awaken with a completely different face and body, differently beautiful… (Lillo’s). Desperate and less and less in demand, the new Filippo (Lillo) turns to the only person able to teach him to satisfy women by focusing on sensuality and dialectics rather than on the body: Max (Greg), the greatest and most coveted gigolo ever. , mysteriously withdrawn from the tour. Despite training with Max, Filippo continues to lose customers. But one day, for an obscure reason, a young and beautiful Colombian named Juanita (Maryna) decides to make use of Filippo’s services. Too bad that Juanita is the daughter of a couple of very dangerous drug traffickers: Joaquim (Corrado Guzzanti) and Maria (Ilaria Spada). The troubles for Filippo and Max have just begun …

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