The latest Steam Beta version supports Joy-Con play on Nintendo Switch!

In the future, I don’t know if I can use Joy-Con to operate with somatosensory operation, or support somatosensory games! ?

Steam announced the latest news in the latest Beta version, which is the addition of Joy-Con controller support for Nintendo Switch. Compared with the support of the other two XBOX and PlayStation controllers, this Joy-Con update is coming It’s late, but it’s still a very pleasant surprise for players.

In this update, Steam also provides very complete support for Joy-Con. If you own a Nintendo Switch, you must know that Joy-Con is very suitable for playing Party Game. The handle is very convenient, and this function is fully supported on Steam. Whether you want to play with a single Joy-Con or control it with two handles, you can adjust it according to your needs!

However, to use Joy-Con on Steam, you must use the latest Beta version, and it can only be connected via Bluetooth, so if you want to play, you have to pay attention to whether your computer supports the Bluetooth function!

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