The League will “enrich” the justice reform in Parliament, Salvini says – “The League will work in Parliament to enrich Marta Cartabia’s text, the Italians want reforms, certainty of flooding, guilty in jail. We have already collected hundreds of thousands of signatures which are a peaceful and democratic revolution and after 30 years of waiting in Parliament we can finally give support to Draghi and Cartabia and if anyone wants to cripple the reform and slow it down, there will be referendums to accelerate it “. “what Matteo Salvini assures. Committed to campaigning for a referendum in Tuscany, the secretary of the Lega meets the unions of the Piombino steel mills.” Next Friday there will be a meeting in Rome between the Indian property and the minister of the League “, he announces, alluding to the owner of the Mise, Giancarlo Giorgetti. “I’m fed up with multinationals that come from the other side of the world, do business and then fire the workers and go back home,” he adds.

The Zan bill is the other hot topic for the government majority and a source of friction with Enrico Letta’s Pd. “I said to Letta: let’s not go to quarrel in Parliament since we must be united and build in this very important period – reiterates Salvini -. Let’s remove the articles concerning children, as the Holy Father also said, and the crimes of opinion. I want to keep saying that a child needs mom and dad without risking jail. ” “If two boys, two girls, a boy and a girl kiss – he adds – there is no problem, maximum freedom. But no one comes to tell me that children are neither boys nor girls, but they are fluid and then when they grow up they will decide whether to be male or female. This is not progress. but madness. You cannot unhinge the family which is what founded society “.

“We will continue on the Zan Ddl. There is nothing else to add”. answers Enrico Letta, from Bologna. “I am overwhelmed by the goodness of our reasons and that the reasons of those who want to attract us into a quagmire of negotiations are those of those who want to skip that rule”. Salvini, added Letta, “has no desire” to approve that law. “With great frankness, tranquility, we ask everyone to be responsible”.



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