The Malizia team passes Cape Horn in first place

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The Malizia team rounded Cape Horn in first place during the 3rd leg of the Ocean Race at 16:23 UTC on March 27, 2023.

The last few days have been hectic for the Malizia team, which has just passed the famous Cape Horn, the legendary southern tip of South America. For hundreds of years, this mythical place has haunted the imagination of many sailors around the world. This is the region of the world where Boris Herrmann’s favorite creature, the Albatross, reigns as king and will no doubt have hosted Team Malizia by this point.

On the crossing Team Malizia celebrated first place after 29 days 4 hours and 8 minutes, which means the team will receive the Roaring Forties Trophy, which rewards the fastest skippers to sail from the Cape of Good Hope to the Cape Horn, which they completed in 27 days 17 hours and 31 minutes. This award has been won in recent years by famous names including Charles Caudrelier, Ian Walker and Franck Cammas. This does not give the team any points in the Ocean Race standings, but it has a lot of meaning in itself. The team sailed at 10,000nm to reach this point and still have a few days to reach the end of Leg 3 at Itajai which is almost 2000nm away.

“A cinematic hospital”

Boris Herrmann, skipper of the Malizia team, commented on his fifth round of the cape: “ Cape Horn holds many memories for me, and crossing that line first means almost more than winning the stage, not in terms of points but in terms of what it means. I’m proud of the team and this boat! The boat has really proven itself in the Southern Ocean and showed how tough it is. »

Rosalin Kuiper, the 27-year-old Dutch co-skipper who is currently recovering from a concussion suffered yesterday morning commented, it’s a cinematic hospital in which I sit watching the beautiful passage of Cape Horn – it wasn’t how I imagined passing Cape Horn, but I couldn’t ask for better care either me – I’m really grateful to the guys! »

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