The Ministry of Finance wants to make it mandatory to use the Gostech platform from 2024

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All the development of Russian services for the interaction of citizens and business with the authorities is obliged to be carried out on the Gostech platform, said the head of the Ministry of Digital Affairs Maksut Shadayev. According to him, this innovation is planned from 2024.

The minister said at the conference that in 2022-2024 600 million rubles will be distributed on a competitive basis. to provide Gostec’s technological capabilities with services for regional and municipal authorities. It also provides funding for the development of information systems on the platform.

Mr. Shadayev clarified that the requirements “are not being introduced from tomorrow,” but we need to prepare for them. “We are not yet talking about the obligatory use of the Gostech platform, but, to be honest, we have such plans. We are discussing that from 2024 all further developments will be required at Gostekh, ”he said (quoted by TASS).

Gostech is a digital platform created to develop services for the provision of public services in Russia. At the end of 2020, Sberbank was chosen as its creator and operator, its application in the tender in the amount of 900 million rubles. turned out to be the only one. In June 2021, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko announced that Gostech will be an open marketplace where any software developer can create a service.


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