The Opisto application encourages car scrapyards to recycle more

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2023-12-06 18:27:39

In about ten minutes, Nicolas, an employee of the Sud Ouest Automobile car scrapyard in Aucamville (Haute-Garonne), knows exactly which elements he must dismantle on the car with the shattered windshield that he has in front of him, with the certainty that They will be resold on the second-hand market. Thanks to the Opisto application, this establishment located north of Toulouse further recycles end-of-life vehicles, by targeting spare parts to be recycled via this intelligent algorithm.

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Created in 2010 by two Toulouse residents, the app helps automotive recycling professionals computerize stocks and then sell them to professionals or individuals, online or over the counter. The new functionality of the Opisto 360 software now allows them to access predictive information in order to optimize the dismantling of parts and adapt supply to demand.

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