The salary of the mayoress of Longueuil is in the process of being reduced by $ 65,000

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A notice of motion tabled on Tuesday will allow the new mayor of Longueuil, Catherine Fournier, to reduce her salary by $ 65,000.

Alice Girard-Bossé

Alice Girard-Bossé

The new salary cap will be $ 185,000 annually. The mayoress of Longueuil was previously elected the best paid in Quebec, with a salary of around $ 250,000 per year.

« […] The salary of the mayoress of Longueuil has caused much ink to flow in recent years. I share the opinion of the population to the effect that it is inconceivable that this salary should be higher than that of the Premier of Quebec and that of the Mayor of Montreal. It’s a matter of common sense, ”said Catherine Fournier, in a statement.

The decrease will come from the part financed by taxpayers in Longueuil, and not from the various allowances from other bodies, said Fournier, adding that this portion of salary “could be redistributed for other purposes in the City’s budget. ”

The new mayor, however, said she was open to a discussion on the remuneration of elected officials from all levels of government and their proportionality.

“Several mayors of small municipalities earn a purely symbolic salary, while they do a lot of work on a daily basis and they must be accountable to the population,” she said.

She also deplores the significant differences between the different levels of government. “For example, a member of the House of Commons earns about twice as much as a member of the National Assembly, with basic federal salaries approaching that of the premier of Quebec. Obviously, there is a cleaning to be done in all this, ”concluded the mayoress.

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