The scene inside Cixi’s bedroom startled posterity

The scene inside Cixi’s bedroom startled posterity

2023-06-09 07:25:00

Empress Dowager Cixi (1835 – 1908) was the concubine of Emperor Ham Phong. In 1856, she gave birth to a son, Dong Tri. For nearly five decades, Empress Dowager Cixi took power and overturned the government. Her power is greater than that of the emperor.Not only holding great power, From Hi The Empress Dowager is also famous for her lavish and extravagant lifestyle. Of these, each meal has up to 120 dishes, using 400 apples a day just to smell…The lavish and regal lifestyle of Empress Dowager Cixi is clearly shown through the bedroom. According to researchers, her bedroom is about 10 square meters. Despite its modest size, the items inside the bedroom are rare and expensive.The bed is Empress Dowager Cixi used to rest is made from precious wood, rosewood. The artisans meticulously sculpted the delicate motifs to make the bed even more luxurious and splendid.The two curtains hanging on Empress Dowager Cixi’s bed were embroidered with gold and silver threads.In addition, the mattress on Empress Dowager Cixi’s bed has many layers. In particular, the last layer is fleece and the top has 3 layers of thick blankets.Empress Dowager Cixi does not use ordinary cotton sleeping pillows. Instead, each pillow she uses is stuffed with tea leaves to help brighten her eyes. She also uses pillows filled with flower petals for a pleasant scent while sleeping.According to the memoirs of the female official Du Duc Linh, Empress Dowager Cixi had a special pillow named “occipital scene”. The pillow core is made from dried flowers and tea leaves, and the inside is specially designed with a space of about 5 cm in circumference.The “occipital scene” pillow has an alarm function that comes from the fact that the user just needs to lay his ear against the correct space inside the pillow to be able to clearly hear even very small sounds around him. Empress Dowager Cixi used this pillow because she believed it would help protect herself and promptly detect assassins in case they sneak into the palace to assassinate her.In addition, the bedroom of Empress Dowager Cixi also has many precious and elaborately crafted furniture. All the best, most beautiful, most expensive things to match her status and lavish lifestyle.Invite readers to watch the video: The strange love of the Chinese Emperor with a palace maid over 17 years old.

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