“The teams will decide who will run the Premier League”

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After the basketball association decided last week to return to them the management of the Winner Basket League, the league administration chose to send a scathing response letter this morning (Thursday).

“The principal, and the Premier League teams, report your letter and report its contents,” it read in the opening, “Both the basketball premier league teams have decided, and will continue to decide, what framework will run the league in which they play.”

It was also written: “We have written before you that their announcement of the basketball association’s management’s desire to take over the management of the activities of the men’s basketball league, which is managed by the members of the men’s basketball league’s management.

“In view of the content of your letter, the representatives of the Basketball Association are from now on released from access to the administrative forums of the principal, and will not be allowed to participate in them anyway. According to the law.

The conclusion reads: “Towards the end – your letter is unclear. What does” return of management “mean? What does section 2 of your letter mean? Remind you that there is a valid agreement between the parties.

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