The US ambassador to Russia refuses to attend a parliamentary meeting on biological weapons in Ukraine

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2023-04-17 17:30:00


The United States ambassador to Russia, Lynn Tracy, has refused on Monday to attend a meeting of a commission of the Russian Duma, the Lower House of Parliament, to address the alleged existence of US laboratories for the development of biological weapons in Ukraine.

Thus, the Embassy of the North American country in Moscow has rejected the invitation extended by the commission in question, which set for this Tuesday the meeting in which Tracy was asked to give “explanations” about the activities carried out by “biological laboratories” in Ukraine.

“The US Embassy in Moscow confirms that the Duma’s invitation has been rejected and that Tracy will not attend the meeting,” diplomatic sources have told the TASS news agency.

Russian authorities have repeatedly accused the US government of allegedly developing biological weapons in Ukraine as part of the invasion of the country.

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