The US will provide Ukraine with long-range missiles

The US will provide Ukraine with long-range missiles

2023-09-24 20:02:05

The recent trip of the Ukrainian president Volodímir Zelenski in the US it seems to have achieved the expected results. To say of press leaks i comments from those involvedthe American president Joe Biden has finally given its approval to the sending of long-range missiles which, according to military analysts, could provide a “substantial push to a Ukrainian counter-offensive which, with difficulty, is slowly making its way into the Zaporizhzhya region between the dense labyrinth of defenses deployed by the military commands of Russia.

Sources close to the White House, as well as the NBC television network, have reported that the American leader has responded affirmatively to the Ukrainian demand for the supply of ATACMS projectiles, and has finally overcome initial reluctance. The MGM-140 ATACAMS, according to its official designation, is a conventional ballistic missile terra-terrawith a radius of action between 165 and 300 kilometersthat is to say, much higher than the projectiles ofconventional artillery. There are different versions of this type of weapon, which can include regular heads of artillery or the controversies fragmentation bombs.

distant goals

Ukraine argues that it needs the ATACMS to carry out bombings against supply centers o logisticbases i military airports o railway networks located deep inside of the territory controlled by the Russian troops. The type of attacks that the Slavic country’s military could carry out would be similar to this week’s audacious bombing of the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopolin which even high-ranking officers of the Russian Navy could die. “We have no other option,” President Zelenski had said during his stay in New York and Washington.

The demand is being intensively supported from the American Congress by the Republican senator James Rischmember of Foreign Relations committee of the Chamber. “Them ATACMS they have been on the list of weapons that could make a difference in Ukraine; any delay (in its shipment) would be shameful”, he warned in a statement. Risch’s words also come at a time when a faction of his own political party is openly advocating limiting arms shipments to Ukraine, as well as coming into direct conflict with the view of the conflict that the former president Donald Trump. Analysts like the Spanish Caesar Pintado, of the International Campus for Security and Defense, see in the supply an attempt to “give an impetus to the war”. “It would not only aim at small children territorial achievementsbut would threaten even Crimea itself”, in a year of elections and political changes that could bring “nous actors» to the leaders in Europe and the USA, the analyst has assessed.

The news, and the scope of it, that is to say, the number i type of batteries that will be sent has not yet been officially confirmed. Thursday, the secretary of the Security Council, Andrew Sullivan, he had limited himself to saying that Biden “had not completely ruled out” the said shipment. A favorable decision will also pave the way for other countries to follow suit and also send batteries from long range missileslike Germany with the Taurus cruise missiles.

First advances

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The news comes at a time when the Ukrainian Army is starting to get the first ones significant victories since the beginning of the counter-offensive, which started at the beginning of June. In its latest daily report on the current situation at the front, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW, by its acronym in English), the most reliable and cited source on the development of military operations in slavic country, he proclaimed that Ukrainian forces had “broken the Russian fortifications” west of the town of Verbovein the Zaporizhzhya region, which is allowing it to open little by little a gap in the front line and overcome thethick network of trenches i murs.

The Ukrainian military commands have already hinted that the counter-offensive will continue in the coming months, despite the imminence of autumn and winter, especially because the weather does not affect the type of military operations they are carrying out at the moment, which are carried out fundamentally little and not on board armored vehicles that depend on the ground conditions. “Considering how we are advancing now, almost without vehicles, the weather will not have a decisive influence on the counter-offensive… it is important not to lose the initiative now”, he declared to CNN The general Oleksandr Tarnavskicommander of the Tavria troop group.

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