“The vaccine is the most effective method to convince no vax”

“We must face the pandemic with a scientific method. Show that the vaccine works and that the current measures – not particularly restrictive – are possible precisely because the vaccine works”. Thus the president of the Higher Institute of Health and spokesman for the CTS, Silvio Brusaferro, in an interview with ‘La Repubblica’ “The effectiveness of vaccines is very high, over 95% for hospitalizations and deaths – recalls the professor – The overwhelming Most people who end up in hospital and ICU have not received a single dose. We must make every effort to ensure that the very large part of the population is covered. Continuing the campaign at the current pace, in short, it will become increasingly evident even to skeptics that the vaccine is the tool that allows us to be able to live with the virus “.

Are you worried about the no vax square? “Look, I always start from what is positive in things. Positive, then, is that today vaccines are safe, available, provided free of charge and are a tool that responds to the need to protect public health. to be able to look forward to the coming weeks and months with optimism, because when a very large majority have received two doses it will be easier to contain the circulation of the virus and maintain the level of freedom we have returned to. To put it more clearly: vaccination is the our way out “.

“During a pandemic, getting vaccinated is not just an individual choice: we are called to watch and protect the community. But I think the numbers matter more at this stage”, says Brusaferro who adds: “From the data we have published, we know that vaccination efficacy against hospitalization is 94.88%. On ICU admissions it is over 97%. On deaths it is 96%. From European and UK data we see that the vast majority of those affected is not vaccinated. However, the cycle must be completed: those who have only one dose have limited coverage “.

As for the Green pass “it guarantees spaces of freedom. Using it and promoting it makes us feel safer, this is the spirit with which it must be interpreted. It must be pushed to encourage the possibility of keeping activities open. I think it is important to make the most of it”, underlines the president of the Higher Institute of Health and spokesperson for the CTS. On the extension or not of the green pass to the transport sector, “I remember – he says – that it was developed at the level of the European Union and was created to promote free movement between countries. It has in its DNA the aspiration to guarantee ability to move “.


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