There is no progress in the talks about Yonatan Cohen

Raz Amir

Yonatan Cohen is disappointed (Radad Jabara)

Four days to the end of the transfer window in Israel and the Yonatan Cohen deal is stuck. Maccabi Tel Aviv, under the leadership of Jack Angalidis, who is conducting the talks with Pisa, has not yet been able to bridge the gaps in the negotiations, and on the player’s side, pessimism is already beginning to emerge: “Nothing is moving, at the moment it seems that the chances of a deal being made are not high”. They said in Cohen’s environment.

The Italians have been claiming for over a week that the gap is only about 100,000 euros, this is also said in the player’s environment, however Maccabi Tel Aviv insists that the gap is more significant and that the reported numbers are not correct. In any case, the cornerstone of the deal is the same €1.1 million that Pisa owes Mitch Goldhar’s club and has not yet been paid, but will have to be paid if there is no deal.

The yellows, for their part, do not understand Pisa’s conduct on the matter: “The fact is simple, if Jonathan does not move, then at the end of the month Pisa’s owners have to transfer 1.1 million euros for a player that his club does not want and that neither the old nor the new coach has assigned him a role in the team. Pisa’s approach in the negotiations is very unclear,” said those around the yellow club.

Despite the fact that tomorrow is the eve of Rosh Hashanah, the parties claim that the talks will continue tonight and even during the holiday if necessary to try to close the issue in a positive way. If not, as things seem, Maccabi Tel Aviv will remain with the staff currently in Kiryat Shalom and he is the one who will have to, together with Vladan Ivitch, carry the club to the championship.

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