These 5 trends will come in spring 2023

The trend is dead, long live the trend! At the fashion week shows in Milan and Paris we see what the next year will bring in terms of fashion.

At the Fashion Week in Milan, the big Italian luxury brands Gucci and Prada presented well with twin looks and beautiful bags, this week it’s Paris’ turn.Gucci / Prada

Are the big fashion trends no longer there? This may be. But there is no time for sadness, because a look at the current collections reconciles with the inconvenience of the lack of an agenda in fashion. The textile diversity that we can draw from today brings us a little closer to our goal of finally being an independent individual! Or not?

And yet they haven’t completely disappeared, the trends. There are just a lot of them next to each other. At the fashion weeks in Milan and Paris, some emerge as particularly interesting.

1. Towing

Who would have thought that the train would celebrate such a revival in our time, since it was part of the historical wardrobe that allowed little activity. Nevertheless, Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons already hung them on mini skirts last year, and they can now be seen on dresses and jackets in the new Prada collection. And so that the good piece of fabric does not drag over hill and dale, it is shortened on the blazer, for example, and floats gently far above the ground. Other Italian brands such as Max Mara and Sportmax are also presenting trains as a textile decoration for next summer. Since all trains are cut very narrowly, they can be wrapped around your arm if you still want to catch the bus. In general, however, the overly long length of fabric is only acceptable for going out wardrobes, as it remains impractical.

A relic from the old days inspires fashion designers: the train. In its modern version, it is slim and made of light fabric. Max Mara sundress on the left, Prada cocktail dress on the right.Max Mara/Prada

A neon green party dress with a train from the Sportmax collection for next spring.Sportmax

2. Partnerlook

With twins it’s cute, with couples it always seemed ridiculous: the partner look. Milan’s fashion world seems to love him, because twin-like duos in finely coordinated clothes showed up in the audience everywhere at the shows. A pair of pink-haired Japanese twins stood out in particular, with matching but never identical clothing (on Instagram: @amixxamiaya). Finally, Gucci celebrated the apotheosis of the double twin trend with its new collection, which was presented on the runway by twins – although not all of them were real twins. Alessandro Michele’s mother is also a twin, the show notes say, and she and her sister inspired the creative director for this runway setting.

An elaborate casting preceded the Gucci show. Not all twins are real, but people who look as alike as possible had to be found for Alessandro Michele’s twin show. Gucci

Guests from Tokyo at the Max Mara show in Milan. The colorful twins can be seen at many shows. They match their clothes exactly, but they never wear an identical outfit.Sabine Rothig

3. Sheer skirts and pants

There are always see-through tops. In the coming season, however, the trend towards transparent bottoms, i.e. skirts or pants, will increase. At Dries Van Noten, these looks are presented in floral delicacy. At Prada there are ankle-length see-through skirts as well as a full coat made of transparent nylon. Chloé’s sheer looks are a little more chunky and consist of a top and bottom. These pieces can be translated into everyday life through skilful layering, i.e. an opaque layer underneath. Oversize blazers or a long jacket can also be combined well with see-through trousers. The boudoir variant showed gauchere: a slip dress with cut-outs in harmless places, which are filled with fragile lace.

The legs are only covered by a hint of fabric, that’s what you saw with many designers: Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons turn a smart tube skirt into a sexy frock, Dries Van Noten lets the floral all-over look become transparent downwards and Gabriela Hearst from Chloé uses white mesh for a pair of cuffed pants with a top.Left: MONIC/Prada, Center: Dries Van Noten, Right: Isidore Montag/Gorunway/Chloé

The German Marie-Christine Statz, founder and chief designer of the label Gauchere, fills the cut-outs of a dress with lace. Refined.Dominique Maitre/Gauchere

4. One Piece

One-piece suits or onesies always look a bit like work clothes. However, the good thing is that they stretch the figure. Also in the next season the fashion designers delight us with all kinds of one-piece suits. The new Sportmax collection, in which many all-over looks could be seen, also contains a one-piece suit with short panties that looks like a body. How about pairing this piece with a sheer skirt next summer? At Prada, the one-piece suits look a little more casual, a white example was shown on the runway under a train coat. However, the fastest one-piece suits could be admired at Ferrari: creative director Rocco Iannone reissued original racing suits. This is how the next summer will be fast!

The Ferrari one-piece suit is a re-imagined Formula 1 suit worn by Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz at the Grand Prix. Filippo Fior / Gorunway / Ferrari

From Prada: a white onesie in laboratory discipline, over a coat with a shortened train.MONIC/Prada

Sportmax is proposing a one-piece suit for next spring, which is actually a bodysuit.Giovanni Giannoni / Sportmax

5. Handy it bags

The mini bags have not yet completely disappeared from the scene when the first more spacious models are already appearing on the catwalk. The medium-sized bag can be seen particularly often, but it usually does not hang on the shoulder, but is carried by the handle or rests directly in the hand like a clutch. Dries Van Noten presented it-pieces with overly long fringes that go perfectly with the train look. Gucci, on the other hand, will continue to be playful as usual next summer with bags from which plush gremlins are dangling. Prada showed new examples of the 1995 re-edition, an elegant medium-sized classic with a hint of Hitchcock blonde and business, complete with an after-work cocktail.

Dries Van Noten’s Statement-Tasche.Dries van Noten

The Gucci bag with plush Gremlin.Gucci

The beautiful 1995 re-edition from Prada.Prada

More reels and pictures from the shows in Milan and Paris can be found here.


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