FRANCAVILLA. «Franco Moroni as candidate for mayor of the center-right coalition ». This is the novelty proposed by the three civic lists in support of the former provincial councilor and councilor of Chieti, which emerged following the last meeting between all the coalition forces. Francavilla nel Cuore, New Perspectives Moroni Mayor and Civic Choice for Francavilla – these are their names – reiterated the concept: we field young people, entrepreneurs and professionals determined to give their contribution for the relaunch of the city and for future challenges that await Francavilla.
According to sources within the same civic lists, already during the last meeting there would have been more than an opening by the parties that make up the coalition, such as Lega, Fratelli d’Italia, Forza Italia, Cambiamo con Toti and Udc: some of the in fact, representatives would have opened to evaluate the figure of Moroni as a candidate for mayor of the coalition, to be deployed in the next electoral round expected in mid-October. “We believe that Franco Moroni offers ample guarantees and represents the right candidate in order not to waste the opportunity to create a real alternative”, they explain Cesare Antonucci, Antonio Sgambati e Nando Timperio, respectively exponents of Francavilla nel Cuore, Nuove Perspective and Scelta Civica. “His figure will serve not only to bring many citizens closer to the institutions and to respect them, but will encourage active participation in the life of the local community”. It is clear that at this point it will be necessary to understand what the real intentions of the center-right are: up to this moment the name around which it was squaring, the only one that emerged in recent months, was that of the former mayor Roberto Angelucci. A name proposed by Forza Italia and the Lega, which with the passage of time has also convinced the Brothers of Italy, so much so that in more than one circumstance Angelucci himself confirmed his availability, giving interviews and participating in television salons, where he spoken in tones very close to those a candidate for mayor would use.
To say that Angelucci remains in contention is a must, if only for the favor he continues to receive from those parties that sponsored his return to the field. From this currency, however, it is appropriate to consider with equal attention the Moroni idea, launched overwhelmingly by the civic lists that support it. The impression is that the race towards the autumn administrative is getting to the heart.

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