Together with his fans, Aditus prepares to celebrate his 50th anniversary

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2023-12-02 19:43:34

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December 02 2023, 1:43 pm

The iconic Venezuelan pop rock band Aditus reached its 50th anniversary and will celebrate it in style with a special presentation on December 9 at the Tamanaco Hotel located in Caracas.

The show that will take place specifically at the Events Center will be the perfect place to sing “Victoria” and many more hits that have consolidated the musical career of the group, among which stand out: “Casuality”, “Something Electric”, “ They can’t turn you off” and “My amplifier.”

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Aditus, made up of George Henríquez, Valerio González, Mannel Muñoz, Manuel Mirabal and Julio Sánchez, has left an indelible mark on Venezuelan music and continues to be a reference for current and future generations. This anniversary marks a milestone in your career and is a unique opportunity to celebrate and live a moment full of emotions.

The 50th anniversary of Aditus will be presented by Circuito Éxitos and will be produced by Global Events. For this presentation, the band has special surprises prepared, including various artists as special guests. As part of this celebration, Club New York will join in and the person in charge of setting the musical mood will be the international DJ Oscar Leal.

It should be noted that the group recently presented their new single and video clip titled “Son 50”, a tribute to their most emblematic songs and a gift for the public that has followed them for several decades.

Tickets are now on sale on the @mitickera website

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