Towards an internal confrontation in Likud? The mayors are against the initiative of Ministers Levin and Kish

Towards an internal confrontation in Likud?  The mayors are against the initiative of Ministers Levin and Kish

Towards an internal confrontation in Likud? Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Yesterday he arrived at Ze’ev Citadel for the first time since the government was formed and held a meeting with senior Likud officials, including the Minister of Justice Rival Levin, Minister of education Yoav Kish and the Minister of Tourism Haim Katz

The subject of the meeting, promoted by Minister Kish – an attempt to hold a Likud flash conference this coming March, to the chagrin of other members of the movement who oppose the holding of the conference before the local authority elections expected in October this year.

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Before the last elections to the Knesset, there was an agreement to convene the conference in March of this year. This is despite the fact that the Likud constitution forbids holding the movement’s conference for a year before elections (for the Knesset or municipalities). However, with the formation of the government, it seems that next year there will be no more Knesset elections.

However, the municipal elections are expected to be held this October and not everyone in Likud is ready to hold the conference before the local authority elections. Yesterday, a petition was even submitted on behalf of Likud members from Modi’in to the Supreme Court of the Likud through attorney Guy Bossi, seeking to set the conference for March 2024 and not 2023.

Also the head of the local government center, Haim Biebs, Together with his members of the Supreme Municipal Committee of the Likud (Mayor of Beit Shan Jackie Levy and the mayor of Netivot Yehiel Zohar) brought their opposition to holding the Likud conference before the municipal elections.

There are also other mayors who oppose the holding of the conference this year, arguing that it would sabotage the Likud’s effort to win the municipal elections this fall. According to them, today we must unite in an effort around Levin’s legal reform, and dealing with the internal quarrels within the movement is the last thing the Likud needs now.

At the meeting that, as mentioned, took place yesterday at Ze’ev Citadel, the three ministers tried to convince Prime Minister Netanyahu to hold the conference in March of this year, with the aim of taking advantage of the momentum of Minister Levin, who is gaining a lot of sympathy in the Likud thanks to the reform he is promoting. In the end, Netanyahu did not make a decision on the issue.

However, senior members of the Likud’s legal system question the technical feasibility of holding the conference before Passover, which this year falls in early April. The Likud Supreme Court is expected to convene in the coming days to re-discuss the issue, following the petitions submitted to it by Adv. D Bossi and the heads of the Modi’in branch in Likud.

The Likud Conference is the supreme institution of the movement, and during its convocation, office bearers in the movement are elected, including: the Chairman of the Center (the supreme institution of the Likud Party, which is authorized to decide on all matters of the movement between conferences), the Chairman of the Secretariat (the Likud Secretariat is a limited executive body composed of members of the Knesset and prominent operatives of the party, who has many powers), the chairman of the bureau (a body whose role is to be the conceptual stage for the party’s political platform), the composition of the Likud court and the president of the court, as well as members of the movement’s constitution committee.

The delegates of the conference gather to elect those with influence and power within the Likud. Also, the convening of the conference provides an opportunity to refresh the ranks and bring in young activists and those who have gained sufficient experience.


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