‘Troublesome men should be locked up; Why the restriction only for girls?’ | High Court Kozhikode Medical College Women Students Curfew | Manorama Online

Kochi – The Kerala High Court has strongly criticized the night restriction in Kozhikode Medical College Women’s Hostel. The court asked what are the restrictions for girls only in the hostel and suggested that problematic men should be locked up. The question of the court was that why the restriction was imposed only on girls and the curfew was imposed on men and women were allowed. The court also asked why girls are given the same restrictions as boys and for how long they are locked up.

Meanwhile, the government’s argument was that the restriction was based on the demand of the parents. Pointing out that there are hostels that do not have restrictions, the court asked whether children do not have parents there. Justice Devan Ramachandran is hearing the case.

A group of female students of Kozhikode Medical College approached the High Court against the night time restriction in the women’s hostel. The court heard the case last week and directed the government to clarify the reason for the restriction. The petition is against the restriction that female students should enter the hostel before 9.30 pm. Such restrictions are not suitable for a civilized society

Justice Devan Ramachandran, while considering the earlier petition, said that restrictions are a part of constitutional rights. The court also asked on what basis it was said that women students should not even enter the campus in the name of security.

English Summary: Kerala High Court’s observations on Women student’s hostel curfew


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