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TV rights, Serie A and Champions League: Timvision packages with Dazn-Amazon and Mediaset or Now for streaming football?

All football (or almost) on Tim? The situation of the tv rights related to football at the moment remains complex for fans who want to see all the Champions League and Serie A matches. 3 season tickets: Dazn (for the championship: 7 exclusive matches and 3 co-exclusive matches), Sky O Mediaset (for 121 matches of the highest European competition) e Amazon (which has 16 exclusive Champions League matches). But, as it was said Timvision could change the cards on the table by simplifying the situation and allowing a complete view in streaming since thanks to it you can access the contents of Amazon prime Video, Dazn, Mediaset e Now. For example, currently those who want to follow Serie A can join the promotion for 29.99 euros Tim Vison + Dazn (3 matches for each championship day) + Now (the remaining 7 plus the Champions League). It is therefore possible that packages will be studied for next season. For example: Dazn e Amazon prime (which have their respective exclusives on Serie A and Champions) plus one to choose from Mediaset e Now (for other European matches).

TV rights Serie A, Sky: black smoke for the 3 matches in co-exclusive with Dazn. And Mediaset …

in the meantime Sky did not take the famous package 2 of the A league, what it would lead to pay tv of Comcast 3 matches in co-exclusive with Dazn: the offer of 87.5 million (raised compared to the initial 70 million) did not go to Lega Calcio since 13 votes in favor arrived, but 14 would have been needed. abstentions of Juventus, Inter, Naples, Lazio, Atalanta, Verona e Fiorentina. At this point a new call will be needed: Amazon e Discovery remain at the window and also pay attention to Mediaset who could try especially if the hypothesis of giving a clear Serie A match every round were to return.

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