TV without quarrels and sovereigns

by time news

twelve o’clock, March 5, 2021 – 10:23

of Fortunato Cerlino

Discomforted, Mariolino lazily presses the remote control buttons and starts zapping again starting from the first channel. Look in disappointment at the smiling faces of the guests of the various political in-depth programs. Everywhere he comes across conciliatory words, good manners, calm tones. Even that party secretary who screamed so much, mocked his opponents, warned by looking straight into the camera, now he smiles, makes jokes, reassures. For a while he dwells on Big Brother Vip, but he just can’t get excited about the fights of those tanned characters, with too many tattoos and jelly in their hair. Turn off the TV. It remains for a few minutes to look at the black screen. Too much silence, too much peace. He gets up abruptly and begins to wander around the salon. He approaches the pocket emptier in the center of the table. He grabs the vial of sanitizing gel, sprinkles his hands and rubs vigorously.

But don’t you come to sleep? ».

Laura, in her pajamas on the threshold of the room, looks worriedly at her husband.

“I can’t sleep.”

“Shall I make you a chamomile?”

“‘Na chamomile?”. He replies alarmed.

“Hey!” So you find a little ‘and requie ».

Mariolino raises his eyebrows. For a moment he caresses the idea of ​​arguing with his wife, but she is too sleepy and certainly would not derive satisfaction from it.

“What are you keeping?” She insists.

“No Laure ‘, nothing … now I’m going to bed.”

“But there are political programs on television?”.

«Mo I turned it off on television. There’s nothing interesting there. ‘

«But how not. See well. Doesn’t any program that talks about virùs fit in? There are all those virologists who fight ».

“Anything! Since he’s been with Draghi I’ve all become good and kind. No one who talks badly about anyone, who gets fucked up. It is’ na sadness’ on television without ‘or sovereignty. It’s over or fun ».

Laura approaches her husband, sits down opposite him.

“And while I look at myself? All this peace makes me agitated ».

«I liked it very much to see them sticking together, taking offense. They looked more normal, like me. Mo, on the other hand, is all serious, responsible people. How can I understand what is right and what is wrong if they do not kill each other? I get anxious to see them calm down ».

“Political programs before Draghi made the blood rush to my head. They made me feel alive because they told me who to cheer for and who to disgust. It was much better than the Napoli matches. They clearly explained who the enemy was, the opponent to beat. I went to sleep happy because they assured me that there was a culprit if everything went wrong. ‘Na vote for Europe,’ n’ata vote for the euro, ‘to Merkel. What a great satisfaction when Salvini or Di Maio crashed. What actors! What interpretations! Better than a movie or a series. The last hilarious moment was when Renzi did ‘o show against Conte. Very beautifull! All who were scandalized, who accused each other, betrayed themselves.

Mario sits down discouraged. «I feel betrayed Laura. Abandoned. We were used to getting pissed off and that’s what comforted me. Mo, on the other hand, let me comme nu scemo on the sofa to understand what I think of what is happening. They claim that I have to decide who is wrong and who is right. But what do I do with it? How do I know? That’s why I can’t sleep. “

“But not even Big Brother can distract you a little?”

“I tried. Anything”.

“Worse. At least last year Morgan and Bugo made me passionate ‘nu little. This year I am all happy and content ».

“But is it possible that there is nothing that makes you a little indignant?”

«Be patient Mario. In a little while there are the elections for mayor. You will see that the politicians will entertain you n’ata vota ».

“The elections have been postponed.”

“Did you understand? It is so. I have to put my soul in peace. For a few months I have to detoxify myself from those beautiful quarrels, from insults. I too have to become serious and responsible. What sadness! ».

March 5, 2021 | 10:23

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