Uttarakhand Chief Minister announces Rs 50,000 incentive for rescuers of workers trapped in tunnel

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Title: Uttarakhand Chief Minister Announces Incentive for Those Involved in Tunnel Rescue Operation

The Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Pushkar Singh Thami, has announced a financial incentive of Rs 50,000 for all those involved in the successful rescue of 41 people trapped in a tunnel after a landslide in the Silkyara Tunnel. The tunnel, which is under construction on the National Highway in Uttarkashi district, witnessed a landslide on the 12th, trapping 41 workers in the rubble.

Following the landslide, oxygen was injected through a fine tube to allow the trapped workers to breathe, and efforts were made to send food and high-protein fruits to them through a small pipe. An endoscopy camera was also sent through the tube to confirm the health of the workers on video.

The drilling operations to create a way to reach the trapped workers faced challenges, but after a 27-hour continuous effort by specialized miners, the workers were successfully reached and rescued after 17 days of operations.

After the rescue, the workers were given first aid and airlifted to AIIMS Hospital in Rishikesh for a full medical examination. Chief Minister Thami personally met the workers undergoing treatment, inquired about their health, and announced Rs 1 lakh relief for each of the rescued workers. In addition, he also checked on the health of the workers, inspected the facilities in the hospital, and interacted with their relatives.

Thami expressed his appreciation for the courage and bravery of the workers and praised the tireless efforts of the organizations and personnel involved in the rescue operation. In recognition of the efforts made by the miners who were involved in the last stage of the rescue operations, Thami announced an incentive of Rs 50,000 for each of them.

The miners who participated in the rescue operation expressed their happiness at being part of the historic rescue effort, highlighting the selfless nature of their participation. With the successful rescue operation behind them, the focus now remains on the recovery and well-being of the workers who were trapped in the tunnel.

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